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growing scandal. new allegations of newspapers hacking. >> were they trying to get information from 9/11 victims. >> i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> billionaire rupert rupert murdoch's billion-dollar empire may be in trouble. even more of his papers are now under fire, and he's forced to do damage control. >> reporter: the phone-hacking scandal that took down rupert murdoch's news of the world, could be spreading to his other papers. there are -- now reports that they hack the into the personal information of ex-prime minister gordon brown. things like his bank accounts
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and his son's medical record. news international says it is investigating this latest charge. >> there will have to be some kind of massive, massive clearout, really, of the stables. it just looks terrible. >> reporter: murdoch is still supporting his embattled ceo, rebecca brooks. british police will question her later this week about the phone hacking cover-up that went on during her watch as news of the world. >> reporter: murdoch is dealing with more allegations of corruption. they said news of the world reporters offered to pay him for phone records of the dead. >> reporter: the phone hacking scandal boiled over last week, with the case of millie doweller, a british teen murdered in 2002. her parents met with police monday. police say news of the world hacked the voice mail, and deleted some of the ma'ams --
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messages, giving her family hope she was alive. for now, murdoch is trying to keep the scandal from derailing his $19 billion bid to buy a lucrative satellite company. >> investigators are also looking into allegations police may have been paid for information, including details about senior members of britain's royal family. >> it is one of the widest corruption probes of baltimore city police in years. now, two men at the heart of a kickback scandal plead guilty. vic has the latest on this back eye for the department. >> reporter: the owners of majestic auto admit to conspiracy and extortion. edward smith, who you see here on the right, pleaded guilty loorntion with his brother -- along with his brother. court documents reveal as many as 50 police officers may have been involved. the officers got cash kickbacks
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from the brothers. the shop was not on the list of approved businesses for the city. >> the brothers are likely to receive prison terms, between 6 to 9 years. both have agreed to cooperate with investigators in the case. a string of violence across baltimore. several people are killed. and right now, police are looking for their killers. mike hellgren has more on what police are doing about the bloodshed. >> reporter: police say they are disappointed, but they are not going to change their crime- fighting strategy. >> reporter: police spoke to wjz this morning, hoping to calm fears in a violent weekend in baltimore city. four people were murdered, four shot. police found the body of patsy peterson. >> you hear about this kind of stuff happening. but you never think it could happen to you, you know? [ crying ] oh, god. >> we are dismayed by the
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recent events that occurred but believe that we will continue with the same amount of progress we have made. and again, that's by pursuing violent offendersers and targeting enforcement, as opposed to throwing that out and trying to arrest multiple offenders. >> investigators found richard mill ceph and 22-year-old janel mcfadden on wester mortand court. >> unfortunately, these homicides are pretty fresh, so to speak. and detectives are running them out. and it's early in the investigation. as a result, we are asking anybody who has information on these to please contact police. we say it often and we mean it. >> this follows a string of violence, including the unsolved shooting of a 4-year- old, and the murder of joe calo of alabama. police made an arrest in his case over the weekend. >> because some guy wanted to act tough? to prove a point? what's the point you proved?
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you took my daughter's father away from her. >> reporter: at city police headquarters, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> if you have any information about any of these crimes, your tips to police can be made anonymously. right now, fire investigators are looking into the cause of a major fire inside a baltimore county hotel. the fire broke out inside the days inn, in catonsville saturday night. 160 hotel guests had to be evacuated. early reports that smoking by a guest caused the fire appears to be wrong. that fire caused more than $3 million in damage. right now, a code -- red heat alert is in effect as temperatures climb into the 90s. monique griego is live to explain the heat is turning deadly. >> reporter: both victims were elderly and died from heat- related complications in june. it's the first heat death in the city so far this year. and with soaring temperatures and potential danger, a code red is in effect today and tomorrow. that means the city will open
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emergency cooling centers can cool -- with cool air and clean water. it will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and the health department recommends people stay out of the extreme heat if possible, and be sure to drink plenty of water. >> all right, monique. and thank -- welcome to wjz. bernadette woods has more on the heat. it is smoking hot out there. >> they are on the rise and will be tomorrow. mostly 90s. 92 in baltimore. 97, cumberland. but the one huge difference compared to yesterday, those dew points are way up. low 70s right now. when you factor all of that in together, it feels like 100 degrees in baltimore, hagerstown, 102 in cumberland. 105 in d.c. and cumberland. 32 of that's why there is a code red in effect for the city. but also the air quality is code red for the baltimore region. and that's going to be again so
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tomorrow. notice also, all of those orange shaded counties. they will go in effect tomorrow afternoon for a heat advisory. the heat is going to continue. we'll have that forecast coming up. >> all right, bernadette, thank you. let's check on the roads with kristy breslin. at wjz traffic control. kristy, are any of those tires sticking to the roads out there? >> it wouldn't surprise me. if you're traveling on the west side of the inner loop, a walkout from security boulevard to liberty road. over on the north side, inner loop, slowing there. as you make your approach to york road. average speed, about 45 miles an hour. plenty of accidents there. bel air area. a downed tree, blocking all lanes. that's conowingo road, at calma road. also in the randallstown area. and in baltimore, north point boulevard, at east baltimore, also harford road at rosalie avenue. let's take a live look. as you can see, not too much
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trouble there. that's north on the tydings memorial bridge. 895 south of 195. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. come in and try the unforgettably delicious barbecued pulled-pork sub. and an irresistible bold sauce. back to you. more roadwork and preparation for the baltimore grand prix could cause more headaches for downtown commuters this week. beginning today, lanes are closed on noish light street between key highway and pratt. that's expected to begin in two weeks. contractors are also expected to begin repaving conway street. bob bell died from leukemia this weekend. bell got his start running academy ford in laurel. he later owned a string of dealerships that also sold chevys, nissans and kias. bob bell was 78. president obama is sitting down with congressional leaders
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again, talking about the budget. tara mergener reports for the white house. a plan is needed or the u.s. could default on its debt for the first time in history. >> reporter: president obama sat down with congressional leaders at the white house again on monday, trying to make a deal on the deficit. >> and we're going to meet every single day until we get this thing resolved. >> reporter: if the government's debt ceiling isn't raised by august 2nd, america could default on its bills. president obama insists an agreement can be reached before then, if republicans are willing to give a little. >> if the basic proposition is, it's my way or the highway, then we're probably not going to get something done because we've got divided government. >> democrats are pushing for $4 trillion in deficit cuts and want to end tax breaks for the wealthy. but republicans want a smaller measure that includes spending cuts and no tax increases. >> this boils down to two things. the president continues to
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insist on raising taxes and they're just not serious about fundamental entitlement reform to solve the problem in the near to intermediate future. >> reporter: the president wants a long-term deal done and will not accept a temporary six. -- fix. and he warns if it is not fixed, the economy could fall back into a recession. >> reporter: this could panic financial markets around the world, a scenario both parties want to avoid. >> i agree with the president, we cannot allow the nation to default on our debt. >> i think the american people want to see something done. they feel a sense of urgency. >> reporter: lawmakers have just three weeks to get a deal done. at the white house, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> and both sides are scheduled to meet again later today. still ahead at 4:00, will the show go on? the ed sullivan theater vandalized the impact on the late show with david letterman. see a gunman open fire into
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a crowd of people. i'm ron matz, in st. michael's maryland, where they're restoring a piece of chesapeake bay history. the story coming up here on wjz. dangerous temperatures. how high will it get before we get a break. don't miss the updated first warning forecast. [ young man ] how's your burger, bro?
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it is one of the most famous streets in america. but now bourbon street is a crime street. police caught it all on camera. police say it caught the aftermath of a fight as two groups moved away. two innocent bystanders suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. police hope someone will recognize the gunman and turn him in. it's david letterman's home away from home, the world famous edsullivan theater in new york.
4:15 pm
but it was also the scene of a violent outburst this weekend. >> i think it's horrible. i think they should have better security. >> this is being called a stupid human trick. the front doors of the legendary human show scattered. a big mess made of david letterman's home away from home. garbage stands and ropes overturned. a ground floor office trashed. >> just can't imagine why anyone would do that. >> called -- someone called 911. >> police say 22-year-old james whitmore who lives in this building is charged with burglary and criminal mischief. whitmore's roommate had very little to say about the incident. >> it's definitely a surprise, but we don't want to talk about it. >> reporter: before this, a worker says, there never seemed to be a need for around-the- clock security out front.
4:16 pm
>> it's crazy. it's never happened before. i don't know why somebody should do something like that. >> here's david letterman! >> reporter: lucky for letterman, the doors for the studio and set for his show were padlocked. worldwide pants released a statement, the late show set was not accessed. and it will be taping as usual tomorrow. the show was once home to the edsullivan show. the late show with ed sullivan has been here since 1993. after an incident that is sure to give letterman something to talk about when he's back on his stage tomorrow. >> all totaled, the damage is about $5,000. there are reports that the suspect is an a -- aspiring actor. >> a rough start to the week on wall street. the dow had its biggest one-day loss in nearly a month. the dow was down 151 points.
4:17 pm
s&p down 24. nasdaq off 57. let's go to new york right now. alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. stocks began the week with a sell-off. investigators are concerned that greece's debt crisis could spread to italy. one of europe's largest economies. the european debt issues follows one of last week's disappointment unemployment news, and ongoing disappointment to the debt limit. the u.s. dollar jumped nearly 2% against the euro and gold rallied to a near record high. shares of rupert murdoch's newscorps dropped to 5%. they shut down the tabloid, news of the world. investors are worried that the scandal may stop regulators from the british tv provider, be sky be. and a general motors diesel version. they said the car would get
4:18 pm
about 50 miles per gallon on the highway and help gm meet stricter highway economy standards. it is about two years away from hitting showrooms. that's your money watch. with more, head to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. she was built in 1955. one of the most famous skipjacks ever to sail the chesapeake. but now, she's in desperate need of repairs. >> so if you look underneath the boat, the keel log under the boat is her original keel log. >> mark is a man on a mission. he's in charge of the restoration of the rosie parks, one of the most famous skipjacks to ever sail the chesapeake bay. >> what i'm trying to do is stabilize the transit, we started working on here. we started working on the keel, and started going forward underneath the boat. look. >> reporter: it's a painstaking process.
4:19 pm
legendary boat builder, built rosie. she has a special pedigree and place in east -- eastern shore history. >> this project is not just about this boat. this project is about the family, the stories, the history. it's multifaceted. >> reporter: ship maker jennifer ciewn is hoping to make rosie whole again. >> i love it. it's a lot of fun and it's great to be part of history. >> reporter: the restoration prbl project will take about 30 years. when it's finished, rosie should appear just as she was launched in 1955. >> when it's all said and done, we have rosie back. we have rosie back. you know? how cool would that be? >> reporter: in st. michaels, ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> the restoration of the rosie parks is expected to cost a half mittion dollars, all of it -- half million dollars, all of
4:20 pm
it being funded with private donations. and coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. restless nights, troubling new research, on why sleep apnea is so dangerous. not giving up hope. the massive search for the missing fishermen dumped into the gulf of california. summer scorcher. when we will get a break. top stories on, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click they agreed. [ experimenter 1 ] relax, take some nice deep breaths. [ experimenter 2 ] what do you smell? lilac. clean. there's something that's really fresh. a little bit beach-y. like children's blankets. smells like home. [ experimenter 1 ] okay take your blindfolds off. ♪ oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. hello? [ male announcer ] and now new and improved febreze fabric refresher with up to two times the odor elimination so you can breathe happy, guaranteed.
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there it is. the scorching day outside. i am sure most people stayed inside the ac if they could today. >> i'm sweating, just looking at it. >> very smart on a day like today. those temperatures, they only climbed a little bit over the weekend really. only two degrees higher. but the thing is, the humidity levels are so much higher. here's what's got temperatures. topped out at 92 degrees. high over the weekend was the 90s. here's the huge difference.
4:24 pm
notice the dew point. it's up about 10 degrees from yesterday. and bawfs all of that-- because of all of that, all of these 90s, feels closer to 100 now. 105 in d.c. and easton. 100 even out to cumberland. baltimore, hagerstown. and ocean city, feeling like 91 degrees right now. well, we do have a code red air quality alert in effect for the baltimore region. it's a code orange today. but the thing is, tomorrow, they get extended once again. they're going to be code red. and in addition to that, in all of these orange-shaded counties, a heat advisory will go into effect tomorrow afternoon, through 8:00. the winds are out of the south. and they're tapping into very hot air. and that's why all of this is going to continue once again tomorrow. look at downstream. we'll watch as all of this is northward over the weekend. pushing in our direction. and there's really stifling air apt -- at this point. and this storm system right in here. notice, when i put this in
4:25 pm
motion. it does have a pretty good strong band of thunderstorms as it gets into ohio, now moving into western pennsylvania and west virginia. there's even a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for it. the thing is, a lot of it is going to die down overnight. but we could get a few thunderstorms crossing the state. as that front continues to pass through the area, again the chance for scattered showers and storms tomorrow. but by wednesday, all of this tries to push off to the south. and it will take the stormy weather with it. there's still that slight chance. but we think most of it is moving away on wednesday. and behind it, around to the north, they're going to eventually push all of that heat away also. on the wars, with -- waters, bay temp, at 81 degrees. there is a small craft advisory in effect through late tonight. winds turn around to the west. as that front approaches and eventually moves through. turns around to the northwest. tonight, thunderstorm possible. it's going to be a warm and muggy one tomorrow. hot, 97 for our high. record for tomorrow is 97 degrees. when you factor all of that
4:26 pm
together, it's going to feel like it's in the low 100s. yes, going to be a stifling one tomorrow. we'll get our relief. >> she's cracking me up. the low 100s. as if bodies can detect it while we're melting to the ground. >> all right. the big melt. >> especially with makeup and hair. >> oh. >> right, kai? >> just awful. don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. it's an episode of hawaii five- zero. wjz masn teaming up to feed the hungry. and we need your help. you can take nonperrishable food items to the orioles food drive, beforing the maryland food bank. wjz family will collect do donations at the gate. you can meet vic, bob, mark, gigi, tim, pat, and myself. monday, you can meet mary,
4:27 pm
here, mike, tim. still ahead at 4:00, you final farewell. this funeral for the baseball fan who died in a tragic fall. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, the president at camp david, and a busy weekend for fighter planes. that story as eyewitness news continues. search for survivors. the cruise ship sinks in russia. the rising death toll. eyewitness news at 4:,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:30. 92 degrees and partly sunny. hello. and thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. time is running out to find survivors in what is being called russia's worst disaster in decades. more than 100 people are feared dead after a cruise ship capsized.
4:31 pm
>> relatives and passengers missing in a boating accident gathered along the shorelines. dozens are still unaccounted for after a cruise ship sank in the volga river, about two miles from shore. rescue crews pulled about 80 people from the water. this passenger says they tried to flag down several ships before one would stop. officials say the pleasure cruise is popular during the summer months and had about 50 children on board. while the cause of the accident is not immediately known, investigators say the 50-year- old ship had more than 200 passengers on board. and was only licensed for 120. some witnesses say the ship was lifting and when it made a turn, a wave washed over. emergency crews say there's little hope now of finding more survivors. alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> and russian president med ved yev said the accident would not have happened if safety rules had been followed. at the time -- at this
4:32 pm
time, u.s. properties are a target. >> pro-government protestors stormed the government compound in damascus. they met that french met with opposition leaders last week. he says, we won't do it. but he's open to negotiations. now, there was some damage caused to the embassy but no one was hurt. vic? >> thank you. the u.s. may ask the syrian government for more compensation, more damage. >> jet fighters were scrambled three times as planes crossed into restricted air space above the presidential retreat at camp david in frederick county. alex demetrick reports, it's a no-fly zone that expands whenever the president visits. >> reporter: pilots who use frederick airport know they are close neighbors to camp david, and its restricted air space. >> ordinarily, it's about 3
4:33 pm
miles radius. when the president is there, it becomes 10 miles radius. >> despite charts and faa warnings, three small planes crossed into it. why is unclear, although sometimes, it's as simple as the wind. >> they had planned to stay outside. but the winds are pushing them. and they end up inside the area. >> reporter: long before, attempts are made first by radio to warn them off. if that doesn't work, jet fighters are brought in. they scrambled three times this past weekend over camp david. >> they will have the fighters join on your wing and escort you. if you still don't respond, they have used flares before to get pilots' attention. >> they are very bright flares that they fire ahead of your flight path. >> pilots who have had that experience find it very disconcerting. have said it has shaken them so badly that it's all they could do to fly the airplane. >> reporter: once on the
4:34 pm
ground, secret service and police take over as they did in this incident. and no arrests or charges were filed. but the faa can still punish. >> most typical is an 80-day suspension of the pilot or certificate. >> and without that certificate, there's no flying. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> two planes crossed into camp david air space saturday. the third happened sunday. one suspect is in custody. police are looking for a second one after a carjacking in anne arundel county. police say he and a second suspect carjacked an oding ton man. also in anne arundel county, police are looking for this man on friday morning. he held up the m&t bank branch in the 3100 block of solomon's island road in edgewater. anyone with information is asked to call police. no one was hurt in the robbery. a massive turnout for the
4:35 pm
funeral for the father and baseball fan killed in a tragic accident at a game in texas. mary is in the newsroom with more on the service. mary? >> well, denise, hundreds of friends and family attended the funeral for 39-year-old shannon stone. take a look at the long procession in brownwood, texas. hundreds of firefighters from around the state attended. stone was killed last week after falling from the stand when a player tossed him a foul ball. a number of rangers attended the funeral as well. >> he was twice voted firefighter of the year by his peers. a stun gun is found in new jersey. it was found on a seat of a jet blue flight. the fbi says there is no indication. but it's unclear how someone got it through security. turning the heat back up. another round of hot weather. will we get close to triple digit.
4:36 pm
>> sure felt like it. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here with first warning weather. >> even though the temperatures didn't get that hot. the real feel has been over 100 during the afternoon. quick look at radar. we have a whole bunch of thunderstorms across portions of western pennsylvania and ohio. 70s will make it into far western maryland this evening. it's possible a stray shower or thundershower could make it into the mountains later tomorrow night. there's still a risk we might get a little relief later on. around the state, we are currently at 92. 97 in cumberland. d.c. at 93. heat index, right now, 100 in baltimore. 105, washington and easton. and only 82 up in oakland, the mountains. 102 also in cumberland. because of the heat, we do have a heat advisory going into effect tomorrow. right again this afternoon. but the real-feels temperature of 100 degrees. certainly going to feel just as hot tomorrow as it is today. also, we had that air quality
4:37 pm
problems, code red this afternoon. again, probably tomorrow. poor air quality. so if you have any kind of health issues at all, you should probably stay in air conditioning this afternoon, and again during the day tomorrow. please take it easy. >> thank you, bob, very much. let's check in on the roads with kristy breslin. hi, vic. hi, everyone. delaywise, we're not in bad shape. we have a minor slowdown there. that's at providence road. over on the west side inner loop, another 10 minutes there from baltimore national pike, to liberty road. average speed at this point, about 45 miles an hour. plenty of accidents out there. a couple of problems in the harford county region. a downed tree has the road blocked. two in aberdeen. also, at perry wood drive. the city accidents include harford road at rosalie. north howard at 25th.
4:38 pm
let's now take a live look. you can see everything moving along just fine there. that's the beltway at 97. and it looks like an easy drive there on 95 northbound. this traffic report is brought to you by the maryland science center. welcome to the summer of erresponsible science. that drop, pop and ignite all day long, all summer long. over at the maryland science center. back to you. astronauts aboard the space shuttle deliver supplies today. they are delivering enough food, clothes and other divisions to outfit the space station for another year. nasa is also looking at whether atlantis will need to dodge a piece of space junk. this is, of course, the final mission for nasa's space fleet. mike schuh takes us to one stand that has a secret you can taste. >> reporter: when the weather gets this hot and muggy, you need to know about a well-kept
4:39 pm
secret down in edgemere. look at the flavor board. >> there's a secret here. hiding in plain sight. >> i did it as a kid. first job ever. >> her first job as a kid, mixing and making up snowball flavors. she buys raw ingredients from all over. no one flavor seller can meet her discriminating taste. >> but it's so much easier to buy this as well. >> talk me into it here. wouldn't take much. >> you're saying it's hard? >> yeah, it's hard work. >> reporter: originally, the home made flavors were cheaper. not anymore. >> we can't change because we would have a rebellion from our customers who are used to the same thing, year after year, day after day. >> reporter: her other secret. this isn't ground ice. it's shaved ice. commercial flavor mixes are too sweet for something this delegate. so she needs -- >> a more intense flavor to stick to that ice. >> in the pinch, you bought the commercial stuff. >> yes. >> and you regretted it? >> yes. [ laughter ]
4:40 pm
>> here we go. the house specialty. raspberry lemonade. wow. >> everybody knows. the regulars know. >> then i hear this. and i suspect may be, with all of these secrets, rosemary is with the cia. >> homemade marshmallow, right? >> you didn't tell me about the homemade marshmallow. >> you know why? because it's a secret. >> i'm trying to do this perfect. >> come here to the secret shack and you can expect a few things, country on the radio, your ice shaved thin, and secrets you may never forget. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so look on the map, find edgemere, go down sparrows point road, where it gets to ruth, and go down until it makes a sharp point. unless there's a line. >> i bet there will be a line now. those snowballs in edgemere start at only $1 each.
4:41 pm
>> i guess it was too much to ask mike to bring samples back. >> they would melt. still ahead at 4:00. a beatles reunion. they may be coming back together. tragedy on the trarks. the latest on a deadly train explosion in india. the heat is back on. how much longer will it last? stick around for the update the -- updated first warning weather forecast. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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50 people are injured after a train travels off missing tracks and flips over in india. a powerful explosion blew up stretches of the train tracks, despite being within 10 minutes' walking distance. railway officials didn't spend much time. investigators believe a militant group is to blame for the destruction. passengers are recovering at a nearby hospital. seven days of searching, and still no sign of the missing fisherman off the coast of mexico. u.s. coast guard rescue teams have not lost hope.
4:45 pm
monique griego is live with more this. 24 passengers were tossed from a fishing boat. seven fishermen are still missing. they will search to see if they are still inside. because the searchers can be missing for miles. now, even after seven days at sea, rescuers say because of the warm water, it is still possible the men are alive. vic? >> reporter: monique, thank you. the u.s. coast guard has searched over 4,000 square miles for the missing fishermen. a new study finds children are more likely to become smokers if they're around people who light up. also, children exposed to secondhand smoke are 50% more likely to develop disorders like adhd or learning disabilities. also in healthwatch, sleep
4:46 pm
apnea is much more than losing a good night's sleep. a new study details why the disorder is so serious. alison harmelin reports for wjz from new york. new research in the journal of the american heart association looks at what sleep apnea does to the blood vessels in healthy people. >> it provides insight into how they can do this. >> a person with sleep apnea can stop breathing up to 10 seconds at a time several times a night. they have abnormal blood vessels. >> that is where coronary artery disease comes. >> about 15 million people suffer from sleep apnea. researchers say the new findings could change the way doctors treat people with the disorder. >> reporter: the studies show people who use a continuous,
4:47 pm
positive pressure airway mask can continue to increase their blood supply. doctors say many people have sleep apnea and don't even know it. so getting a proper diagnosis is key. making changes to your lifestyle can help, too. >> weight loss. avoidance of alcohol. avoiding certain medications. >> reporter: and trying not to sleep on your back is also a good way to get better, healthier sleep. >> reporter: alison harmelin, wjz eyewitness news. >> and untreated sleep apnea can increase your risk of heart failure, stroke and diabetes. celebrity couple, beckhams, proud to announce their first baby girl. soccer star david beckham and victoria, have posted, she's born a healthy 7 pounds, 10 ounces and victoria is recovering well. mark steines is in hollywood with more on the duke
4:48 pm
and duchess of cambridge. coming up tonight. will and kate's royal polo date. >> a rare kiss, a moment of affection after their red carpet arrival. >> kate wore a silk jenny packham dress, that was warmed with silver and gray, while the prince wore slim trouser and jacket. actress and rob lowe, sporting gray hair for a movie. if lucky enough to get the $4,000 ticket prize, it will get you a seat near will and kate. william showed off sparking wit to the crowd. and the ambassador, in terms of a return, fixture, completely depends on the results today. [ laughter ] >> i'm not a good loser. william didn't have to face defeat. he and his team took home the 14-pound tiffany cup. also tonight, why dancing
4:49 pm
champ heinz ward was just arrested. the new mug shot. plus, new bombshells from kidnap victim jacey dugard. -- jaycee dugard. we'll have that and more coming up on entertainment tonight. >> and you see k see that here tonight on wjz. it has been 40 years since the beatles broke up. but there are rumors that they may reunite for the 2012 olympics. paul mccartney and ringo starr have been asked to perform. there are also rumors that john lennon and george harrison could be represented by their children. >> wow. it would be good to see them back together again. >> yes. the drummer and the lead singer. >> they could electronically do the others. >> sure could. out of the frying pan and into the oven. but certainly it's not that hot. it's been unpleasant outside. >> bob turk has the first
4:50 pm
warning forecast next. woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive. man: yes it was. so to save some money, we taught our 5 year old how to dunk. woman: scholarship! woman: honey go get him. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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here's a live look outside right now. doesn't look as hot as it feels out there. >> the difference is the weekend is warm, but comfortable. the dew point this weekend was around 60, 62 degrees this afternoon. look at this. it's up to 72 degrees. that is a very, very moist atmosphere. and because of that, you just can't perspire to cool you down. yes, you perspare -- perspire, but it's not cooling you down. 92. 72 dew point. south winds at 8. the barometer right now. falling just a tad. 29.88 inches. with the temperatures in the low 90s. and the high dew point. feels like 100 degrees. that's what it feel the like on your body. 100 in cumberland. d.c. and easton, coming in at 105. very moist there. 100 in pax river. only 91 in ocean city.
4:54 pm
elkton. 99 degrees. now, we still have this afternoon, an ark letter for poor air quality. way out to the west might see a shower overnight. hopefully it will cool things down. the rest of the afternoon, tomorrow afternoon, heat advisory. poor air quality. and high temperatures tomorrow. probably in the mid to each upper 90s. warmer than today. heat index tomorrow. about 100 to maybe as high as 105 in the afternoon. that's why they issued a heat advisory. tomorrow, please take it easy. 84, ocean city now. 81 in oakland. 95 in cumberland, the actual temperature. and hagerstown, 95. d.c., 95. humidity so high there. quick look around the region. temperature-wise. locally, upper 80s to low 90s. close to the water, it's very
4:55 pm
humid. in fact, it's east of the city. martin airport. it's only 90. heat index, also over 100 degrees. very moist there. 90 in westminster. 70, winds and southwesterly winds with a lot of warm, moist air continuing to flow into the region. there is a front out to the west. causing big storms out to the region to the west of us. but it will be moving our direction. it will start cooling things down on wednesday. that's when we'll see a break. tonight, maybe a few showers. then again, tomorrow afternoon, a good chance with that storm approaching of showers and storms in the region. we'll see a break from the heat. but not until wednesday. winds becoming west with the front approaching. look out for thunderstorms in the afternoon. tonight, mainly a widely scattered storms. temperatures only in the mid- 70s. close to 80 in the city tomorrow. 97. hot and muggy. and yes, we could see some showers and storms in the afternoon. more clouds tomorrow. might keep temperatures down just a bit. >> it will break sometime this
4:56 pm
week, i know it. >> it will be be beautiful after wednesday. >> great. perfect, thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. dangerous heat. i'm derek valcourt. with a warning from health officials on the impact of this dangerous weather. that's coming up on eyewitness that's coming up on eyewitness ,,,, honey, why aren't you playing with your friends? i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah! it's mommy's turn now. let's go. [ male announcer ] the average home has over four internet-connected devices. we were gonna storm the castle. i love your hair. [ sarah ] thanks i went to your guy. it's perfect.
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i thought we were storming the castle. [ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v.
4:58 pm
two more heat-related deaths this summer. and the first warning tracking more. a shocking string of violence in baltimore. i'm mike hellgren in city police headquarters. what are police doing about this? will they change their strategy? more road construction downtown, as baltimore gets
4:59 pm
ready for the grand prix. i'm adam may. it's going to get worse before the summer ends. i'll have details coming up. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts right now. hi. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. killer heat descends on maryland. and tomorrow, people working outside today, battled the high temperatures. and tonight, we've learned the dangerous heat has claimed the lives of two more people in baltimore city. right now, you're looking live outside where the temperature is hovering around the 90s. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob turk has a closer look at

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